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Charles B. Purdom re-defined his existence continuously throughout his life. Born in 1883, his early childhood was like a bleak Dickens novel. And, yet the young boy who worked long hours to help support his siblings and parents, willed a course continuously to bring shining moments to life.

From meager beginnings, Charles would become a multi-talented individual. A founder of two model towns outside of London, a dedicated spiritual seeker, lover of Shakespeare, amateur actor, producer, director, theater critic, journalist, editor, and author. He did not abandon these dedications, but carried them throughout a rich and unfolding life.

In 1931, Charles, 47, and a father of four, met Meher Baba at a rural retreat in Devon, England, on the Spiritual Master's first visit to the Western World. This contact altered his remaining years dramatically. In 1932, after writing a delightful little personal philosophy book called A Plan of Life, Charles began a biography of Meher Baba. The Perfect Master was published in 1937.

The pages of Divine Drama attempt to offer Charles B. Purdom as he lived.
Always questioning. Grand times and faltering times. Not a carefree dance — through life. But, great spiritual strength. He gave so much . . .

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The book Slave of Love, chronicles the life of British-born Dr. William Donkin with Spiritual Master Meher Baba in India.

At the age of 20, William and another companion made a grueling, four-month crossing of the Sahara Desert on camel and horseback. Their exploits were written up in The London Times of the day.

From 1939 to 1969, he lived beside and travelled the world with his Spiritual Master. During these years William wrote the book – The Wayfarers – dealing with Baba's work with the God-intoxicated individuals of India.

Slave of Love is William's story...

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